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Mitchell Buckley
Proof Engineer

Research Interests

Mitchell has a formal education in mathematics and a research background in category theory, Hopf algebra and formalised mathematics. He now writes proofs that verify functional correctness of the seL4 micro-kernel.

Contact Details

More contact information is available at the Contact page.

Photo of Mitchell Buckley



verification of seL4 on the 64 bit RISC-V platform

Career Summary

Postdoctoral Fellow, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, 2015-2018.

PhD Candidate, Macquarie University, 2011-2015.

Graduate Fellow, Biotech Imaging, CSIRO, 2010-2011.


PhD in mathematics, Macquarie University, 2015.

BSc (honors first class), Macquarie University, 2008.